Sand Island Lighthouse

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A framed print:  26"x21" on archival cotton.

This picture of the Milky Way rising over the light tower on Sand Island was taken on the morning of July 9, 2010 near new moon conditions following the summer solstice. It is in that window the summer Milky Way is at its brightest and dramatically hangs just above the treetops. A three minute exposure, this shot was made possible by mounting the camera (a Canon 7D) on top of a telescope with a slow-motion drive, making it possible to cancel the earth's rotation. Allowing the camera to capture an incredibly sharp and saturated image, this is one of the most delightful of the heavens. A separate three minute exposure was taken with the telescope drive turned off to photograph the light station.

This image is the second in our series of the Milky Way and the lighthouses of the Apostle Islands; the first taken in 2009 of Outer Island lighthouse.


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Thanks to the National Park Service for their support: Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent